Future Heroes 2020

All about points. How to earn more? The race is on!
All squad points
Detailed points will be published
once there are more points to speak of!
Squad 1
Total points: 148
Total points: 190
Squad 3
Total points: 185
Squad 4

Total points: 104
Total points: 189
Squad 6
Chic but conscious
Total points: 160
Squad 7
Total points: 110
Total points: 182
Squad 9
Multi - Culti
Total points: 121
Total points: 118
How to earn points?
Work hard, be nice, share and those squad points will be piling up in no time :)

Kindness pays, spitefulness costs. Kind and open teamwork and respectful communication helps your squad to earn points when doing your Homework or collecting Discovery & Outreach points as a squad.

As for your roles, these are not just fancy titles. All of your roles are of equal importance. Make sure you take your responsibility seriously and do your best. Keep the Squad Rules in mind.
Now, let's proceed to the points!

The squad gets points for each member attending each session. If you're absent, your squad loses a point. Check out the next sections!

Up to 5 points per squad.
Your coaches will evaluate your squad's homework between workshops. Timeliness and commitment matter as well as the quality of the work presented.

You can earn up to 10 points for each Homework.

Make sure to follow your Coaches' guidelines! The grading criteria are the following:
  • 1 point – deadline
  • 1 point – structured presentation, professionalism
  • 3 points – originality, creativity
  • 5 points – content quality
These points are earned for the greatest achievement of the month. The best Discoveries will be posted on our blog.

A discovery can be:
  • a blog post (minimum 150 words)
  • a cool video 2-3 mins long

Each time you send us your 1 very best Discovery, state clearly:

  1. what have you achieved (be as precise as possible) and
  2. why it was important for you team/ what did you learn from this?
If you tick both boxes, expect points to follow!

Submit your Discovery to Google Classroom by the last day of every month (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb). You can earn max 10 Discovery Points per team per one month:

  • 10 points - Superstar! - you send a discovery ticking both questions and have accomplished something great!
  • 7 points - Good job! - you send a discovery ticking both questions
  • 5 points - Meh! - you send your discovery and answer to one question only
  • 0 points - Loser! - you didn't send us your discovery

Outreach means a progress report, which includes all the progress you have made throughout the month & what you have achieved. You know what you do, why you do it, who's it for and where it matters most. Simple as that.

Outreach is :
  • a summary in text or with bullet points what you did during this month
  • explain each piece of content: what you did and why?
  • we don't expect a novel, be precise, clear and honest.
Submit your Outreach to Google Classroom by the last day of every month (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb). You can earn max 10 Outreach Points per team per one month:

  • 10 points - Superstar! - your outreach is ticking all the boxes and you've done an awesome extra step.
  • 7 points - Good job! - you send your outreach explaining what you did and why.
  • 5 points - Meh! - you send your outreach but don't explain why you did it.
  • 0 points - Loser! - you didn't send us your outreach aka you didn't do any progress with your squad.

Squad Rules
all for one
You promise to have
each other's back.
fight fair
Treat each other with
respect & goodwill.
be your best
Stop yourself from being mean & dishonest. If you have an issue, be considerate and open about it.
treat everyone equally
We are all imperfect, all human.
random acts of kindness
Do random acts of kindness to each other.
We love to spot the magic happen!
be humble
It shows strength, not weakness!
be real
...because fake is exhausting. You are a Superhero, spare your energy for saving the world!