Superheroes 2019

All about points. How to earn more? The race is on!
All squad points
Detailed points will be published
once there are more points to speak of!
Total points: 640
Total points: 461
Total points: 547
Total points: 586
Total points: 599
Total points: 543
Total points: 771
Total points: 665
How to earn points?
Work hard, be nice, share and those squad points will be piling up in no time :)

Kindness pays, spitefulness costs. Kind and open teamwork and respectful communication helps your squad to earn points. Not just at workshops. Also when doing your homework for Session points or collecting Discovery & Outreach points as a squad.
As for your roles, these are not just fancy titles. All of your roles are of equal importance. Make sure you take your responsibility seriously and do your best. Keep the Squad Rules in mind.
Now, let's proceed to the points!

The squad gets points for each member attending each session. If you're absent, your squad loses a point. The good news is, there are ways to earn back these lost points. Check out the next sections!

Up to 6 points per squad.
These you collect for the skills you've put into practice at different workshops. Your coaches will either evaluate your squad's work within the skills session or as squad's homework between workshops. Timeliness and commitment matter as well as the quality of the work presented.

You can earn up to 10 points at each skills session.

Make sure to follow your Coaches' guidelines! The grading criteria are the following:
  • 2 points – deadline
  • 2 points – teamwork/delegation of group tasks
  • 2 points – originality, creativity
  • 2 points – content quality
  • 2 points – presentation, professionalism
These points are earned for good detective work when it comes to the most inspiring & practical content with a direct relevance to the Superheroes program and a great fit for either Superheroes Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Superheroes homepage.

Each time you send us your 1 very best Discovery, state clearly:
1) why is it relevant for Superheroes program?
2) which Superheroes channel do you see it fit for?
If you tick both boxes, expect points to follow!

A discovery can be:
  • a blog post, podcast or a video
  • an article in a newspaper/magazine
  • a book/film suggestion with an explanation why you picked this
  • a discovery that's not on the list, but qualifies for relevance and usability
You can submit your 1 Discovery between Sunday – Friday.
Upload your Outreach to Google Classroom.
You can earn max 10 Discovery Points per team per two weeks. The best Discovery receives 10 points, the next best 9, 8 and so on. Happy hunting!
    These points will prove you know your squad project inside out. You know what you do, why you do it, who's it for and where it matters most. Outreach means finding and creating content directly related to your squad project that's been used in your squad's outreach channels (from FB and Instagram to website and special events). If you don't use the content, you won't get points. Simple as that.

    An outreach can be:
    • a blog post or a video
    • an Instagram story/photo or a FB post
    • a website, an event, a poster
    • an article in a newspaper/magazine
    • a TV/radio interview about your project
    • an outreach that's not on the list, but qualifies for relevance and usability

    You can submit up to 5 Outreaches between Sunday – Friday.
    Upload your Outreach to Google Classroom.
    Explain each piece of content: why is it relevant and how do you plan to use it?
    You can earn max 25 (diverse) Outreach Points per team per two weeks.
    The maximum amount of 2 points will be given to squads whose communication works perfectly. Their communicator needs to be quick, effective AND reliable.

    Squad will get 1 point if there are light delays and errors in communication.

    Squad won't get any points if their communicator fails to send information either to Superheroes Team or her own squad members on time.

    (golden rule of Superheroes ''Deadlines are deadlines'')

    • You can earn max 10 Discovery Points & 5 Outreach Points per squad per 2 weeks.
    • You can collect between 1-5 points for each Outreach & 1-10 points for 1 Discovery.
    The points range from creating a squad's FB page (1 point), writing a blog/finding an article (1-3 points, depending on the effort and impact) to creating campaigns and/or organising/attending events relevant to your squad project/Superheroes program (up to 5 points).

    The criteria to assess the points are the following:
    1) relevance: is it directly related to your project/Superheroes program?
    2) usability: where is it used for your project or in which Superheroes channel you see it fit and why?
    3) professionalism: the source of your discovery and clear explanation of its relevance and usability.
    4) presentation: is it not subject to copyright, does it contain relevant information etc?
    5) creativity: getting out of the box that will make a difference to your project/program.
    Squad Rules
    all for one
    You promise to have
    each other's back.
    fight fair
    Treat each other with
    respect & goodwill.
    be your best
    Stop yourself from being mean & dishonest. If you have an issue, be considerate and open about it.
    treat everyone equally
    We are all imperfect, all human.
    random acts of kindness
    Do random acts of kindness to each other.
    We love to spot the magic happen!
    be humble
    It shows strength, not weakness!
    be real
    ...because fake is exhausting. You are a Superhero, spare your energy for saving the world!