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Most Inspirational Organisation of 2017
Awarded by the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations
Entrepreneurship Promoter of 2018
Awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit of 2018
Shortlisted at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards 2018
We are a sisterhood without borders

Future Heroes is a growth mindset driven leadership & business accelerator for 13-17-year-old girls to unlock their potential and create positive impact in the world
We all need role models, courage, support and determination to believe we can achieve anything we set our mind and heart to. It takes guts to stand alone, speak up and make great change happen. Future Heroes dares to be real and do things differently.To have more daring and diverse heroes to look up to, we've created an open environment for a driven community of girls with a passion to grow, work together and solve problems.
Welcome to a personal growth and change program to unlock your potential. During 4 months and 9 skills & mindset workshops, girls get to test their strengths, boost their life skills, grow their sisterhood and be inspired by diverse role models. Most importantly, dreams are made a reality by running projects that girls are most passionate about in teams of five, supported by mentors. Consider it a support network to jump-start your future.
We want every business or social action that's created during the program to have positive impact on the society. Be it a start-up that works towards mental well-being. Be it a social action project with a focus on better education or climate action. You get to decide what creates the most meaningful change in the future and we'll make sure to be your sisterhood without borders. It's literally the time and place to become a hero.

Teenage girls engaged since 2017

Inspirational speakers, coaches & mentors engaged since 2017

Schools with successful candidates since 2017
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Application deadline is
1st of November!
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Sustainable by Nature
We are determined to be sustainable in the way we operate, the way we think, act, celebrate success, encourage and empower the next generation of heroes.
Diverse at Heart
Our speakers, coaches and mentors are men and women from different countries, age groups, mindset, mission, cultural background and walks of life.
Global in Vision
Our first language is English. We are a sisterhood without borders in action. Open and reaching out to make growth and change accessible, one girl with a cause at the time.

Future Heroes checklist

You're a great fit to be a Future Hero, if…

You are a 13-17 year old girl
and want to make a difference in the world


You are willing to take action in your life
and broaden your views of the world.


You want to gain confidence and courage
to stand for yourself and openly speak your mind


You are ready to be a part of Future Heroes'
open and inspiring community


You are set to committing your time
and best efforts to be a hero

26th of October, 2019 – April, 2020

Future Heroes program is also a competition and every hero should come prepared for a fair battle! The program consists of 9 sessions, all held in English and free of charge.

Future Heroes workshops are held twice a month in Tallinn on Saturdays between 11:00 - 17:00
Sessions are kicked off by inspirational speakers, followed by practical skills workshops and squad mentoring to drive the projects forward.
26 October at 13:00
26 October at 13:00
Orientation Day
9 November at 11:00
9 November at 11:00
Ideation & Team Building
23 November at 11:00
23 November at 11:00
Voice & Will
7 December at 11:00
7 December at 11:00
Tech & Entrepreneurship
14 December at 11:00
14 December at 11:00
Financial Literacy & Fundraising
4 January at 11:00
4 January at 11:00
Digital Impact & Media Literacy
18 January at 11:00
18 January at 11:00
Leadership & Problem Solving
1 February at 11:00
1 February at 11:00
15 February at 11:00
15 February at 11:00
Practice & Pitch
29 February at 11:00
29 February at 11:00
Final Pitch
March 2020
March 2020
Future Heroes Gala
April 2020
April 2020
Winner study trip!

Future Heroes ends with a Gala in March 2020
The Gala is all about celebrating success together, giving out awards in different categories and illustrating the heroic journey through inspirational videos, guests speakers and lots of performances! The Gala is organised by the magnificent Big Sisters, the bold and creative alumni from the previous Future Heroes seasons.

The most impactful team in the competition will be awarded with an inspiring and excitement packed study trip to the UK to meet the global heroes!
Superheroes Gala 2019
Unleash your potential!
Become a Future Hero!
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Donating to Future Heroes entrepreneurship and leadership program, you are showing support to empowering girls to unlock their potential, grow their sisterhood and make their dreams a reality!

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Be Your Own Hero
by Evelin Võigemast
Coaches & Mentors
Joao Rei
Democracy Hack Hero
Laur Läänemets
Start-up Advisor
Liis Narusk
Co-Founder & CEO / Elevate
Siim Sutrop
Learning & Development Architect / Nortal
Anna-Liisa Reinson
Head of Customer Experience / E-Residency
Teet Tiisvelt
Head of Sales Management & Quality / Telia Estonia
Heleriin Adelbert
Head of B&N Talent Aquisition / Nortal
Marju Mägi
BI Analyst / Coop Bank
Reimo Raja
Communication Manager / G4S
Mario Karu
Head of Product Growth / IPF Digital
Marju Sokman
Head of Marketing & Communications / Workland
Maarit Cimolonskas
VUNK Program Manager / VUNK Labs at Telia Estonia
COO / Superheroes
Eva K. Ponomarjov
CEO / Superheroes
More to follow. Stay tuned!
Inspirational Speakers
The names will be revealed soon! Stay tuned!
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Eva K. Ponomarjov
Founder & CEO
Tiina Kärsna
Co-Founder & COO
Maarit Cimolonskas

Big Sisters Team
Program Coordinator
Community Team Lead
Marketing Team Lead
Media Team Lead
Partners Team Lead
Tech Lead
PR Coordinator
Event Coordinator
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Content Writer
Superheroes Ambassador for Canada
Superheroes Ambassador for Ida-Virumaa
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