how to make a change in the world in 4 months

As the new season of Future Heroes is approaching, we asked three previous participants (or in other words, Big Sisters) for their recollections about their projects.

First, let's introduce the Big Sisters:

Jana was a participant during the first season 2016/2017 with the project One Fun Day. Her team organized a fun day for a family who had lost their father. Today Jana is the Marketing Team Lead in the program.

Beatrice was a participant in the second season during 2017/2018 with the project Code Red. Her team wanted to solve the awkwardness and the taboo around periods. To solve it, their team sold monthly subscription boxes with products in them to pick and choose from on their website. It had everything a girl could dream of while on her delicate time of the month - hygiene products as well as creams, tea, chocolate and many other products. Today Beatrice is the Media Team Lead in the program.

Getterli was also a participant in the second season with the project RePla. Her team organized over 10 workshops in different schools all over Estonia as well an event called "Ookean ei ole sinu prügikast" ("The Ocean is Not Your Trash Bin") at the cinema "Sõprus". The event raised awareness about water pollution by showing a thematic movie and having a panel discussion with experts in marine biology and recycling. Today Getterli is a member of the Media Team in the Future Heroes program.

Big Sisters, what does it mean to have a project?

Getterli: Having a project is great because you can make a change in the world by solving important problems. It can also be really useful since it gives you a lot of skills like time and money management, teamwork and so much more.

But what is a participant actually doing in the Future Heroes program?

Jana: First, you come up with an idea with your teammates. Then you start to develop this idea further: you adjust, test and improve it, finding ways to make your project work. You not only learn how to work in a team, but you also grow personally. In four months, the program takes a dive into very different topics, from Tech & Entrepreneurship into Mindfulness. Don't be afraid, it's not about sitting and listening. You get to learn things in practice, and what is more important, you get the chance to be creative. Besides that, in each workshop, you'll be inspired by amazing inspirational speakers. So, what are you actually doing? You are becoming your own hero!

Beatrice: Overall, you would be doing more than coming to workshops every other Saturday. You are working to get your project ahead, and you're doing what is needed for that; whether it's reaching out to your partners, doing presentations, or picking up waste! You are creating a change.

The program lasts for four months. How far can you take a project with this amount of time?

Getterli: 4 months are enough to get a project going, it's possible to get things done, meaning the product or any kind of social project is ready for the market and target group to become aware of, use and benefit from.

Since it's a short time, how much work do I have to put in every week?

Beatrice: I'd say it depends largely on the project you are working on. Ultimately, you should put in at least 2 hours a week, since you have multiple people in your team! The time you put in your project truly depends on your availability, as well as how far you'd like to take the project.

Although the path of these girls as participants in Future Heroes program ended a while ago, they're still a part of the sisterhood by being Big Sisters - or in other words, awesome volunteers in the program, co-creating the next season of Future Heroes. But more about Big Sisters during next spring - when you're hopefully already an alumni of Future Heroes!

But remember, the applications are open until the 1st of November!