Future Heroes Silver Award 2018 is Code Red!

What influenced your project idea?
Code Red is a project to fight against period stigma and the shame around what makes girls girls. If there is one thing that all of our team members have in common, is our menstrual cycle. We wanted to create a product and solve a huge social problem called period stigma; and that is how Code Red was born.

What makes your project/ product special?
The product we created in order to ease and solve period stigma is a monthly subscription box with sanitary pads, as well as many other goodies such as skincare and chocolate. With our product, one is able to customise it to their own preference of size, skin type, and flavour, to make it as personal and unique as possible. We are different because we are "Girls who support Girls".

What is your most memorable moment from the program?
My most memorable moment is the final pitch. I remember being very nervous before giving my final pitch about what I did throughout the program for my project. I talked about how we started, how we got our first sponsors, what we offer as a project etc. I remember the sweet feeling of relief and victory when the pitch ended, one of my happiest moments.

How would you summarise your progress in the project? Overall, throughout the four months of the program we managed to gain sponsors, work on our project as a brand, release our products, as well as maintain an active following on social media by creating many videos and blog posts in order to raise awareness for period stigma. It was not always easy, but this experience taught me that starting a brand is not as easy as it seems, and I learned a lot from it.