Future Heroes Gold Award 2018 is RePla!

What influenced the project idea?
At first, it was difficult to think of a project idea that would be suitable for everybody. After some thinking, we figured out that all of us care about the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We thought - what a better way to show our respect to nature than with being a role model to young kids teaching them how to sort and recycle.

Which skills did you develop? What did you gain from the program, except for a kickstart?
The program taught us everything you need to know about starting a successful project. We learned what it takes to be a good team and support each other, how to manage projects and much more.

What makes your project different?
Our project was based on giving primary school children playful workshops about our influence on the environment. It's different because we gave good advice to really young children, hoping that when they grow up, they'll choose sustainable habits and hopefully find little heroes in themselves.

What is your most memorable moment from the program?
For us all of the Sunday mornings we gathered in different offices and in other special places are memorable. It was nice to chat with our team members and brainstorm about the project. And of course we can't forget the Final Pitch and the Gala!

How would you summarize all the things you've done for the project?
Under the name of RePla, we made over 10 workshops in different schools in Estonia and also organized an event called "Ookean ei ole sinu prügikast" ("The Ocean is Not Your Trash Can") at the cinema "Sõprus". The event raised awareness about water pollution by showing a thematic movie and having a panel discussion with marine biology and recycling specialists.