Everything that we dream of can come true. A thought precedes all of our actions. But how to find the inspiration and from where to start planning the realization of our dreams? Thus the idea showed up and said: "I want to be shared with others!"

On December 18th, in Narva's Art Residency, inspirational speakers gave participants of different ages their insight into three topics - Vision & Values, Plan & Grit, The Power of Visualization - and the chance to look inside their souls and understand what they truly want. As the event was named New Year's Resolutions, each of us was able to think about the upcoming new year and imagine what we would like to achieve in the near future.

The way of a thousand steps starts with the first one!
Goals by Alisa Tretiyakova - a Visualisation part
"The event helped me to find a clear answer why I should do "it". When we started to sort it all out in groups, I realized that any mission or goal is feasible if you believe that it will not pass without a trace and touch the hearts of other people, will benefit them and make this world a little better. Therefore, in the new year 2020, I set a goal for myself to start my trip hitchhiking around the globe, to share my journey with others" - Alisa Tretiyakova

If you would like to visualize your goals, here's a few tips:

"Highlight the most important goals, 4-5 will be enough. Use large headings and not a lot of text, break all the goals into blocks and try to creatively design them and add a small illustration to each of them to better remember what it stands for" - Julia Valtanen
On picture Julia Valtanen, picture by Narva Art Residency
We create our own life, and the future depends on our actions in the present. Let the new year be a sequel to what was started. Find like-minded people and bring ideas to life. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!"

Thanks to everyone who made the event possible:

Ann Mirjam Vaikla
Eva K. Ponomarjov
Siim Sutrop
Maj Paddy Pratt
Julia Valtanen
and EVERYONE who took part!

Organised by Future Heroes and Narva Art Residency

Supported by EKA and Narva Gate