How to get things done

November isn't a pretty month to many. The fun spookiness of October has gone and the Christmas feeling of December has yet to arrive. What do you do then? Try to find a way of how to let the darkness motivate you! That's exactly what the Future Heroes team did, by hosting an event at Startup Week Tallinn.
Kertu Birgit Anton (left) and Kristin Siil (right) before the panel / Photo: Laura Oks
On the 14th of November, a small group of like-minded people gathered up in the cozy rooms of Workland Estonia to attend the Future Heroes event, called "How To Get Things Done?". The event was based on a panel with two young climate activists and also Future Heroes alumni, Kertu Birgit Anton and Kristin Siil. Both of them are the leading activists of Fridays for Future Estonia.

Since the event was directed to starting entrepreneurs and activists, the panel was mostly about how to gain courage to make big things and how to make the first steps. Some of the pointers the girls shared:

  • Make to-do lists of things you have to do, so you can keep track of everything
  • If possible, find people with similar mindsets because it's easier to go far together
  • Start small and build your way up
  • Don't back down when running into obstacles, they will only make you stronger

It was really empowering to see that although they have been activists for only a few months, they've already achieved so much. From creating protests with over 1000 people, to meeting the President of Estonia and other leading politicians, the young activists have come far thanks to their grit. The Future Heroes team thanks Kertu and Kristin for helping with this event and wishes them good luck for the future!

Written by Alice Veedla